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Design Services

The Design Services Group at Tyco offers several cost effective services to engineers, designers, and contractors without access to the necessary hardware, software, and staff for in-house production.  Services include:

  • Dry System Fluid Delivery Time Calculations (FDT)

  • Solution Water Transit Time For Foam Systems

For any additional questions please call Technical Services at 800-381-9312

Request forms
Please choose the form that best describes the service you are requesting
The forms are interactive PDFs and can be filled in directly on your computer.
  • Click the form link below to save the request form to your computer

  • Fill out the required form fields, once complete, save the completed document

  • Click 'Submit Form to Tech Services' button to open an email to Tyco Design Services

  • Attach saved request form and required documents to the email and send


Fluid Delivery Time Calculation


Foam System Calculation

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