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Conventional (Old Style) Sprinklers
Standard Response, K-factor=5.6 and 8.0

  • The Series TY-B, 5.6 and 8.0 K-factor, Conventional Sprinklers are standard response - standard coverage, decorative 5 mm glass bulb type spray sprinklers.
  • These sprinklers are intended to be installed either pendent or upright, and in either position, they produce a spherical water discharge pattern with approximately 50% of the discharge directed upwards and approximately 50% of the discharge directed downwards.
  • Conventional sprinklers are generally used with Ordinary and Extra High Hazard Class Systems, as defined by the automatic sprinkler system installation rules of the country and authority having jurisdiction.
  • The NFPA permits the use of "Old Style Sprinklers" where special construction features require a unique water distribution; for the protection of fur vaults; or, the replacement of similar sprinklers that had been installed prior to 1955.
Hazard: Ordinary and Extra High Hazard
Temperature: 135, 155, 175, 200, 286, 360
Thread: 3/4"
Approval: UL, C-UL, NYC, LPCB, VdS
Response: Standard Response
SIN Numbers: TY4651
Wrench: W6
Tech Data Sheet: TFP661 View |  PDF 279kb
Tech Data Translations[PDF]: CS, DE, ES, FR, IT, PT, RU

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