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 Figure 705 & 707 Flexible Coupling 2 of 2
Step 4. Bring both pipe ends together, ensure proper vertical and horizontal alignment, and slide the gasket into position. Center gasket between the grooved portions of each pipe.
The gasket should not protrude into the grooves on either pipe segment or extend between the pipe ends.
Step 5. With one nut and bolt removed swing the coupling housing over the gasket. Verify that the housings are over the gasket and that the housing keys are fully engaged into the pipe grooves.
Step 6. Insert the other bolt into the coupling and rotate the nuts until finger tight. Verify that the bolt heads are fully recessed in the housing.
Step 7. Tighten nuts uniformly to the recom- mended bolt torque.
Uneven tightening can cause the gasket to pinch or bind. For proper bolt torques refer to Pages 45 and 49. Bolt torque information has been provided in accordance with the UL 213 “Standard for Rubber Gasketed Fittings for Fire Protection Service” (Refer to Page 12).
Refer to Technical Data Sheets TFP1820 (Figure 705) or TFP1840 (Figure 707) for more information.

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